Sunday, November 29, 2015

When does one value a workout over self preservation?

Yes, on more than one occasion, I scurried across an intersection as the lights were changing from one color to the next. Not once did it occur to me that I actually might get hit by car. No idea why, the thought never occurred.

This leads me to a similar topic. This past week, I was at the Y spending some time on the stair master. I had just finished an hour long workout and was wiping down the machine when the fire alarm sounded.

One might think that my attention should have been focused on the insanely loud alarm blaring throughout the Y and the potential for real danger lurking just out of sight. Instead my very first thought went something like this – “Wow, I am glad I finished my workout before the alarm sounded”.  

Did I really need to smell of smoke or see the flames roaring in front of me to embolden me to action of exiting the building?

In this case, the great employees of the Y were directing to us to leave the building. Could there be a fire?

I made it just outside the rear entrance before they called off the alarm and said it was safe to enter.  

Still the thought stayed with me. I should worry less about my workout and more about my own personal safety.  On second thought, maybe I will keep my car keys with me as well. No joke. Without my keys, my car is a little more than 3 ton paper weight.

The Cool Down Runner

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