Monday, November 9, 2015

Cold and Rain

Cold was the morning air. Every step made chiller by the rain trickling down the inside of my collar. A warm and cozy tread mill run sounded so very good right now.

These were the thoughts that plagued me during my run this morning.

Yes, I could have hit the tread mills at the Y for a run.

However, I do these runs not because I have to but because I want to.

From time to time, mental toughness needs to harden from a real life experience. Unless, one is willing to choose the difficult path, they will never appreciate the easy path. A pouring rain and 40 degree temperature certainly qualifies.

Of course the drivers at the corner of Selwyn and Providence watching me bounce from one foot to the other while the rain flows off the sides of my cap might consider me at something less than sane. But what they do they know. With a warm bagel and a hot cup of coffee, they idled their lives away while I was living my life.

Challenge yourself to the tough path,

The Cool Down Runner



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