Sunday, November 29, 2015

Spectator’s view of Santa Scramble 5k

I am behind in my blog posts for the last week and it is for good reason. The last week seems to have been a blur of different activities. Typing them up is time that I haven’t had.

I’ll get to each one but for now, let’s start with the topic of Santa Scramble 5k.

The Santa Scramble 5k in Concord is by far one of my favorite races to do. The course is lined with 1000s of parade watchers. There is just this feel that other races don’t have. Only by sheer determination of will, I wasn’t at the starting line.

The mental torture of being a spectator is never easy for me.  Watching as the runners milled around before the race start in the distance. Seeing them as they filled the entire road and made ready to race. Feeling the enormous energy being spent as they came sprinting by where I planned to watch the parade. The entire time, I wished desperately that I was among them. My legs would be resisting the urging to turn over faster. My heart would be rocketing from 0 to 50. My lungs would suddenly find themselves in a desperate need of additional oxygen. All of these things add to one’s discomfort yet I was somehow yearning for them.

Then, out of sight out of mind, the last runner disappeared in to the distance and I set back down in to my see to watch one for the best parades around.

But not before one last thought crossed my mind. Next year, yes, next year, I will be back. I will run it next year for sure.


The Cool Down Runner



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