Sunday, November 29, 2015

Foot Locker Event Setup

With no racing plans on my schedule for the Thanksgiving Holidays, providing some race support sounded pretty good idea to me.
So a while back, I reached out to Tom about helping out with the Foot Locker events. I had run the Open and Masters’ race but never helped out with them.
Through our email exchange, Tom told me to around 9 AM to help with the setup. I arrived at 8:30. Actually, it was 8:20 because I had just finished a 10 mile run around McAlpine.
To describe all of the work that goes into the preparation for this event would make this blog go on for days.  What I can say is this. Aside from one 30 minute break for lunch, we were busy from 8:30 am to nearly 5 pm. We setup scaffolding, hung fences; put up more banners and flags than I care to count. We setup 4 huge, and I do mean huge tents. There were just hours and hours of work put in by Tom and Larry and few others to make this event happen.  
How do you know when someone has a true love for something? Well, this was the 33rd year for Larry doing the Foot Looker events. That’s a lot of holiday weekends give up by anybody. Not to mention, that’s a lot of drive by one individual to keep coming back year after year making it happen.
I applaud Tom, Larry, and Evine for their commitment to excellence. They truly lead by example. They were first to arrive and the last to leave. We could all do well to follow their example.
Btw, on Friday, I dragged myself home, took a shower, ate a small dinner, and fell into bed. Only the alarm for Saturday interrupted my night’s slumber.
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