Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Trot 10k Recap

Thanksgiving morning I scurried up 77 to Cornelius, NC for the Turkey Trot 10k at Gold’s Gym. 37 degrees and darkness initially greeted me when I rolled into the parking. However, the greetings improved dramatically when I strolled up to the volunteers handling race morning registration. Starbucks coffee clearly makes a difference.

Runners had the option of doing either the 10k, 5k, or bore via the DARE challenge event.

My focus was solely on the 10k. With another race on my schedule for Saturday, this race would be treated mostly as a hard tempo run for me.

After a loop of the 5k, the 10k was a double loop of the same course. I felt reasonably sure that I could find my way if the course happened to be understaffed.

7:30 arrived and we rolled out of the parking lot. My legs felt like they were set in lead. Tim was already in front of me, and Ed passed me during the first half mile. I hardly recognized Tim.  Perhaps 3 years had passed since we last ran together.

By the mile, Tim, Ed, and another guy were easily putting some distance on me. A quick check over my shoulder told me that I was probably in for a sole tempo run for the rest of the race.

There were not many volunteers on the course and only a few people outside their houses. How could anyone expect any different. Thanksgiving, 37 degrees, 7:30 in the morning didn’t give them much reason to be out.

With the first loop in the books, we ran across the start/finish and headed back out for our second loop. The clouds rolled in and the wind was picking up. The forth mile was in the open so the win hit us right in the face.

On some of the longer straight-aways, Ed’s green jacket gave me reason to keep up the chase. Although, I could tell that he was getting smaller and smaller.

After a long uphill pull by Michael Waltrip Racing, the finish line came in to sight. I was ready to be finished. The rest of my day looked to be super busy. Putting a down stamp on this racing and moving to the next thing on my list was all that I was on my mind.

This was solid race for me. I averaged 6:04 pace and my splits varied only slightly off of it. I took home the 45—49 age group award while finishing 4 overall.

These Epic Marketing Guys deserve some credit. Over the years, I have heard they stumbled once or twice. This was race as least from my perspective went off without any hitches. The course was well marked. Police were at the major intersections. Water was available at every mile. The results were posted quickly and the awards ceremony was right on-time. They definitely deserve a pat on the back for their efforts.

The holiday season is now in full swing. Remember to enjoy some time with your family and friends. Pay them back for all the support that they gave you during the year.

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