Saturday, November 22, 2014

This time of year

This is one of my favorite times of year to race. Almost every weekend, there is a Turkey Trot, Santa Scramble, Reindeer Romp or some similar holiday themed race.

Personally, my race year is never complete unless I am getting in at least one turkey day race and one Santa/Reindeer race.

As with most years, the Santa Scramble in Concord will kick off my holiday race season. Of all the races that I run through the years, this one just keeps me coming back. The race is considered the first event in the parade and follows the first couple of miles of the parade route. There is nothing like running in front of 10,000 people. Throw in the fact that the course is fast and maybe a tiny bit short, a fast time is almost always guaranteed.

For turkey day races, my personal favorite is the 8k in South Park. The course is great. Scott and Danny do an awesome job putting on the race. There is always a huge crowd for it. The one drawback, the race doesn’t start until 9AM so depending on my plans for later in the day, I have to jump in something else. Last year, I hit the Turkey Dash 4 miler off Rea Rd. Several years ago, I hit the Turkey Trot races when they were in the Huntersville business park. These were practically a no brainer for me. I can run to the business park from my house. They have since moved these to Cornelius. Being that I am under the gun to get finished this year and need to head off quickly for my turkey day lunch, I am going to give this race another try.

Regardless of if or where you are racing this holiday season remember to take time out and show lots of appreciate to your family. They are the one that keep us going and support us in our efforts. They make us who we are.

Happy Holidays!!!!


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