Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thunder Road MarathonExpo

Friday was simply off the charts in awesomeness. An entire day spent talking about running and the Charlotte Running Club. What could be better?

Around 9 AM I was meandering my hand truck through the elevator to our expo booth. Hey, I had no way of knowing that the stuff I had just trucked over from the parking deck would be too wide to fit on the elevator. No fear, with just a little twisting and turning I got everything on and made my way down stairs to expo.

Just so happens that I met up with Eric at the entrance. Then, we then set out to find our booth.

Banners hung. Promo cards laid out. Shirts displayed.   We were finally ready, and just in time. The expo opened at 10 AM.

Runner traffic was slow for the first hour but picked up around 11 through about 1. Again things slowed so I grabbed a 15 minute break for lunch about 1:30 while Eric covered our booth. Later Eric took off to pick up his daughter from day care so I manned our booth until later in the evening.

I remember looking at the time around 8 PM and wondering where the day went.

We had so many club members come by our booth. I loved it. Getting a few minutes to chat with someone that is a member makes all the difference. I get to know them and put names with faces.

Add to it, I got to meet nearly all of the Thunder Road pacers. This is a fantastic group of individuals that give of the time and energy to help someone else reach their goal. I cannot think of anything else that is more rewarding.  

Eric and I packed up our gear at 9 and headed out. My throat was sore from the constant talking. I just hoped my voice would hold out for my pacing effort the next day.

I would like to finish up my post by giving a shout out to Run for Your Life and the Thunder Road Marathon. Specifically, I would like to call out Tim and DC for their efforts. Through their support, our Charlotte Running Club had a presence at the expo. For making this possible, I want to say “THANK YOU”.

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