Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two weeks out review.

Well, the days are counting down again for me to run another marathon. But first, I need to review how my training went for the period two weeks out.

Monday evening, I went my for my last spin class and stair master workout. Looking at my training plan, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of taper in it. What most people don’t realize. When I taper, I taper by dropping the auxiliary workouts. There is no spinning. There is no stair master. There is no weight workout. Dropping these workouts may not seem like much but consider this, take away this additional intensity, stress, and effort, my legs start to slowly feel better. Give them a week and half and hopefully, they feel strong enough to run a great marathon.

Anyway, after Monday’s workout, Tuesday I went for a tempo run. Each mile was solid and felt pretty good. My finishing mile was 5:55 which made me feel like I was headed in the right direction.

Skip ahead to my medium long run early Thursday morning. I was more than 20 second faster per mile than usual.

With an easy recovery day on Friday, I focused on having a nice controlled effort on Saturday morning for 16 miles. No matter what the legs felt like. Running too hard could mean leaving my best marathon miles on the roads around Charlotte rather than the road around Allentown PA. This is a definite no-no.

Sunday’s workout was an easy 10 miles.

My mileage reached into the low 70s for this week. I am pretty happy with 3 stressor workouts for the week plus doing strides on Friday.

This is pretty par for the course as my training plans go. Next Sunday morning around 10 AM, I will know for certain if all of the time and energy have paid off.


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