Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Going with a Ladder Workout

There is something about having my workout done before the sun comes up that is so satisfying. The awesome feeling of accomplishment literally pushes me through the day like a surfer catching a huge wave.

Having company along makes it even nicer because someone is there to push me harder for my internvals. This morning, Steve and Clayton joined me while Philip was running his 400s at the same time. Having Steve and Clayton along really kept me honest.

This morning, we were pushing hard with a nice ladder workout: 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 with ½ distance recovery. Similar to last week Steve and I took turns leading the laps. We hit the first 400 in 80 seconds. I followed with a 2:45 for the 800. Steve pushed us along with a 4:14 for the 1200. My 1600 was in 5:31. Steve had us moving in second 1200 with a 4:09. Yeah, I kept telling myself to “just hold on”. I went 2:44 for the 800. With a 400 left, I wanted to stay as close to Steve as possible. Last week on our final 400, I managed to stay close until we hit the 200 meter mark. Steve then just took it up another gear that I didn’t have. I believe he ran around 76 to my 79. This week, I stayed close until the final 150 meters. The gap between us just started to open and there was very little I could do to change it. However, this time I ran 76, but he was still a couple of seconds in front me.

All in all another solid workout and another solid building block for this training cycle.

Big shout out to Philip, Clayton, and Steve for the morning workout assist.


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