Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting back in the swing of things

Just how quickly does one’s body get out sync? It happens pretty quickly in my opinion. Three weeks of taper, one big race, and then another week of recovery (really 1 week is not a real recovery) has made an entire month vanish from my training plan.

My body just seems so out of tune with any thought for hitting a hard workout again. Of course, this is to be expected afer a slower period, but like most runners, our mental capacity doesn’t allow us set idle very long. Our very nature prevents it. Besides, there is always another goal and another race to run on the horizon.

Anyway, this morning’s workout was pretty rough. Fortunately, Steve decided to join me for my 400s. I was so glad that he did. Instead of me beating myself up going around in circles, we alternated leading 400s. Our pace bounced between 77 and 78 seconds. Steve took the lead on last 400. Coming off the turn with 150 to go, I yelled ahead for him to crush it. Crush it he did. I thought maybe I was slowing down over this last 150. My legs felt like it, but not really that much. Steve just ripped through the final meters.

I was pretty pleased with my effort despite the temperature being in the mid 70s and 90+ for the humidity.

Feels good to get one in the bag and have something to build off of during the coming weeks. Definitely, I will be back next Tuesday.


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