Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Time Marathoner

While running a marathon, there is always time to strike up a conversation. After all, everyone is headed to the same place; the only real question is how soon that they will arrive.

 Well, during the Via Marathon, this first time marathoner was running next to me for the early portion of the race. The conversation started up with a question and things went back and forth while the miles clicked by.

Then, he asked me a very important question that every first time marathoner has pondered .

When it hit my ears, it made me chuckle on the inside. He asked me “When you do you know that you have made it”. Granted we are clipping along as just over 6 minute pace so I could have easily miss understood him. I never actually asked for clarification. Anyway, what I took it to mean was “when do I know that I can finish the marathon”. 

Both jokingly and seriously, I replied “When I pass under the finish line banner”.  Now, that I think about here and now, it sounds more like a silly than a serious response, honestly. But frankly it is a true enough statement.

Does anyone ever really know for sure that they have the marathon finished and in the bag until they have literally stepped across the finish line. I certainly don’t.

It is important to be honest with one’s self. I know full well that my wheels can come off at anytime during a marathon. I have every desire and hope that they stay on but I will only know for sure when I cross the magical 26.2 mile mark.

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