Friday, May 3, 2013


Last night I did my first Yoga session ever. I known and understood what Yoga is for a long time, but watching them twist their bodies into the shape of a pretzel, well, I never figured it was for me. I had pretty much accepted the fact that my muscles were more like steel than liquorish. They only bent a little and anything further, they would break.

After our TrySports group run, Stan, Kent, Paul, Chris, Billy and I headed back to where Carolyn and Kasey were teaching our Yoga for Runners class. Kasey was a newly minted Yoga instructor and would be leading our class.

I was really amazed by how much flexibility they had. They made it looks so easy. Paul and I were talking about it and he told me that I made running "20 miles" look easy. I never thought about it that way. I know how much work goes into being able run 20 miles. The same I am sure can be said for them doing these Yoga poses as well.

I did all of the poses but that is all I will say. Thirty years of running creates some pretty tight muscles. A few Yoga poses are not going to do much to wash it away.

However, I will admit that afterwards I did feel better for a couple of reasons.

The post run stretching left me feeling much looser later in the evening and this morning during my run. But the thing that I think really made me feel better was the focus on my breathing and focusing on trying to relax. My world is filled with a little too much tension and stress. The breathing techniques just made me feel a little more relax. Relaxing is something that I really need.

After the class Kasey and Carolyn were telling us about the hot Yoga classes. I would like to try one of those classes. Trying something different is good right.

Kasey and Carolyn will be teaching another class next Thursday night. I am going to try it out. If you are in the area of the South Park TrySports around 7pm next Thursday night, come on in and check it out.


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