Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do or do not, but don’t try

This morning I was having a conversation with someone, and I caught myself saying "I will try". The thought suddenly flashed across my mind to what was I was saying. At the same time, the memories came flooding back to a phrase. Someone had posted a few days ago on FaceBook the phrase - "Do or do not; don't try". Along with it, they posted what I am assuming is the origin of the phrase – Yoda from one of the early "Star Wars" films. Let's set aside for a moment that this phrase comes from a fictitious character and let focus what it means.

Let's explore the second part of it first – "don't try". Many of us use the phrase "I will try" because we can then lean on it as a "crutch". It gives us an "out" if we attempt to perform a task and fail. The irony is that we are not sure of our own abilities of our own efforts. We are not willing to make a full commitment to seeing something through to the end. We lack the confidence in our self. Think about it. How many times per day do we speak these words? This just isn't to our co-workers but our friends and family members as well. I wonder if this leaves them with some level of doubt to our ability to carry out some task.

Now, let's say something about the first part – "Do or do not". When an opportunity comes our way, we need to stand ready. I have the registration page of a marathon filled out, and I am about to click "process". I don't suddenly think "I will try". My decision is "Do it" a.k.a "click the process button" or "Don't do it" and close the browser. Once I have made this decision, there is no going back. I feel like I have committed to the effort. I know the impact to me economically, socially, physically, and mentally. I have charted my course of action, and I now have to have the confidence to see it through. If I had closed the browser, I would have known that it was better to walk away.

We often say "I will try" when we should say "Yes, I will do it or no, I cannot". Human Beings let the ring of "self doubt" champion their efforts. Could it that we use this "crutch" because we don't want to disappoint friends and peers? Is better that we tried than if we had say "no"?

I have reread the above paragraphs several times after writing them. I still don't think I have a full appreciate of it. Humans are complex creatures. Nothing is ever simple as "Do or do not".


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