Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TrySports Tuesday night speed session

Starting last fall, TrySports has been holding weekly speed sessions on Tuesday night. The session ended during the cold days but now that the temps are up again, they resumed the sessions. The idea is a pretty good one. Runners meet at TrySports South Park and run over to AG Middle School where they do a track work. Each week there is a different person/coach leading the workout so most likely, the workout will be different each week.

Last Friday, Lauren posted on FaceBook that they needed someone to lead the workout last night. I had the evening free so I volunteered to be the leader/coach.

The crew last night wasn't their largest, but they were enthusiastic: Stan, Drew, Jeff, and myself. Pete Kaplin also joined in an 800.

Our workout for the evening was one of my regular 5K workouts: 200, 400, 800, Mile, 800, 400, and 200 with ½ distance recovery. I recommend everyone run up through the mile at a comfortable pace and then push the last 3 intervals.

Jeff definitely has some speed. I was chasing him through the first 800 and then we finished side by side in the Mile which we ran in 5:33. Stan was just behind us. Stan surprised some me. He runs all of these ultra long runs but he has a pretty good set of fast twitch muscles. He ran the last 200 in 35 seconds which was 5 seconds better than I could muster.

I don't know about the others, but the workout flew by for me. Maybe it was because I was leading it and had to concentrate where to stop and start or maybe it was just the company that I was keeping. Either way, the workout was over before I realized it. We had done almost 3 miles of intervals.

Our recovery miles totaled another mile and half, and when I add in our warm up and cool down to the track, we ran nearly 7 miles.

I never done anything quite like this before it was a fun time. I would do it again if Lauren calls.

Btw – Stan took one for the team during the workout. AG field is also used for lacrosse. Stan took a glancing blow from a lacrosse ball across the chest during one of the intervals. I could clearly see the red bruise where the ball hit. He was very lucky that it was a glancing blow. A head one hit might be enough to break a rib.

I also want to give Gatorade Ambassador Code Angel a shout out. He provided post workout Gatorade for everyone. Appreciate the Gatorade, Cody. The weather was hot and windy so having some Gatorade hit the spot after our workout.


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