Friday, May 10, 2013

Yoga – Take 2

There is an old saying "If you do anything 7 times in row, it starts to form a habit". Last night, I did my second Yoga class ever. There was lots of – me trying not to hold my breath during the poses, of me straining to hold poses, and of course some grunting sounds as my body fought my stretching attempts. I could feel my muscles, ligaments, and tendons attempting to lengthen. A long the way, there were plenty of reminders for me to breath and focus on relaxing. This is definitely easier said than done. Caroline was our instructor this week. She does a really good job. But I find myself having to watch her. She calls out the poses by name and then demonstrates them. Since I don't have all of the names down, I have to follow her illustrations. She is good with the encouragement. Definitely, I need all of the encouragement that I can get.

Stan, Jinnie, and Paul joined me for this session. I am really glad to have some fellow runners in the class. I am quite possibly the least flexible of us. But then, I have had a few more years to enhance my inflexibility. LOL.

Does it work? Honestly, after my previous Yoga session, my run the next day did feel easier. Then, I fell out of the 20 to 30 minute routine of post run stretching. Obviously, my body quickly returned to its ridged ways.

This time, I hope to continue my post run stretching for more days and see if it makes me feel differently. I'll keep you posted on the results.


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