Friday, December 17, 2010

Rolling along

This morning I headed across Charlotte to Mc Alpine for a run with Megan and Ann. We had all agreed upon meeting at 7:30 so no head lamps required for this run and the fact that I was taking the day off from work made if perfect.

It had been a while since Megan and I have went for a run and if memory serves me correctly, it was summer '09 since Ann and I have been on the same run. So with so much timing passing, I was sure there would be at least 2 hours of good conversation. That's just about right for a 16 mile run.

We started out at a rather a pedestrian pace. Megan has been injured for a while and is working herself back into shape. Well, we are starting to warm up pretty good and roll along when Megan tells us how we feels like she is not running all that fast during her runs these days.

About this time, we are rolling along the 5k course and my body starts sending signals to the brain "hey, we are getting fast here". Ugh, I am thinking that I am just having a bad day. Outwardly, I said nothing but sucked up. I mean, I could not let them dropped me. It's a "man" thing until it becomes an aerobic thing and I cannot do anything about it. LOL

The next hour and a half seemed to fly by and we were all standing back in the Old Bell parking lot. I was looking through my Garmin laps and realize it was not me feeling bad, we had run the 16 miles at 7:15 pace with several 6:45s thrown in for good measure. Just personal opinion, but maybe Megan needs to do more of the elliptical machine. Clearly the workouts on the elliptical are agreeing with her running LOL.


Happy Holidays from the Cool Down Runner

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