Thursday, December 2, 2010

Charlotte Running Club USAT&F Master’s XC Team

Let me introduce you to this year's Charlotte Running Club USA T&F Club Master's XC Team: Rocky, David, Matt, Chuck, and me.

Last year while standing at the starting line of the USA T&F Cross country Club championship in Lexington, Kentucky, I made a vow to myself. Next year when the Club Championship comes to Charlotte, I want to be standing on the starting line at McAlpine with a team.

When I made that vow, I really had no idea what it meant. How hard could it be getting a team together?

The reality is that it has not as easy as it might seem. Injuries, family commitments, one thing and another, not mention the fact that Club XC Championship falls squarely in the middle of the Holiday season meant getting together a group of Master's runners harder than I ever thought.

I guess I could have given up on the idea and there were a few times when I thought we might not have a team. It just goes to show that persistence does pay off.

December 11, 2010 at 11 AM we will be at the starting line for the Master's XC 10k. I am looking forward to the race and will hopefully improve upon my race from last year.


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Charlotte Running Club said...

AGREED! You, me, and Ben deserve a glass of wine and a plate of cheese for our hard work. haha! Thanks for being an ambassador for our men's masters team, bill!

Charlotte Running Club said...

that was caitlin