Thursday, December 30, 2010

Easy Week

After pounding the roads for 3 weeks in December, my intentions were to pound out one last week. That was before Monday afternoon. I just finished working out during the morning and was cruising the mall with my oldest daughter.

Normally, walking around the mall is not a taxing event for me, and even thou, I hadn't run neither particularly hard nor long, I was struggling just to walk down a small set of steps. The quads were as sore as they have been in a while. Not only that but this general feeling of being lethargic seemed be engulfing me.

So rather than push on and do the workouts, I just back things down. After a year of pounding the pavement maybe it was time to take some easy days.

Thus, since Monday, I have only done 5 miles each day – no weights, no core, no stretching – no nothing except 5 simple easy miles. The first day didn't seem to help but since then it has seemed like a downright vacation.

I know January will be back to the grind, but for now, the rest feels really good.



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