Saturday, December 11, 2010

Club XC Championships just a few hours away

I am packing up my race bag and getting ready to head out the door. I thought I might catch a little of the Thunder Road Marathon before heading across town Mc Alpine for our XC races.

Our race is going to be a lot of fun today.

I went by the Expo yesterday and picked up our team's race packet. It was very interesting how the USA T&F guys were doing things. There packet distributions process was very much different from the way the process was handled in Kentucky last year.

But none the less, I picked up our packets and shirts which I have already distributed one to David and will be catching up with Rocky, Matt, and Rich later this morning. Being team captain, I guess has at least one perk.

I got to coordinate the meeting place to hand out bibs and shirts. Perks are where you find them.

Thoughts on the Expo, it seemed larger than last year. Although, I was in early; there were already a number of runners mingling into the convention center to pick up their stuff. I image having both the Marathon and XC championships in the same weekend really helped.

There were a lot of venders and almost all were working very hard to sell their wares. I bought one thing a reflective shirt and hat. I will be posting more on it later when I get a chance to test wear them.

Back to the packing, I am not sure about racing flats or spikes today. I think I will take both and decided at the park. I haven't been in spikes since the last XC race so my legs should have had plenty of time to recover from that rugged experience.

For now, I just need to make sure that I am wearing my Charlotte Running Club singlet so they don't kick us out of the race for not being dressed exactly alike.


Happy Holidays from the Cool Down Runner


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