Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow hits Charlotte

Looks like Winter is going to give us one last ding before rolling over and giving way to spring time temperatures.

Last night after The Amazing Race, I took a peek outside the front door. The rain had changed over from a steady pour to a ton of the hit stuff.

The darker looking picture was taken about 9:15 PM on 3/1/09 last night.

The lighter picture was taken about 8 AM on 3/2/09 this morning - just before I headed out for my run.

I have say running on snow and ice is most interesting.

I stayed away from the the black clear patches of ice. They didn't offer much traction. The whiter patches of ice and snow gave much better footing.

The running was a lot tougher along the major roads. The snow plows had came through. Basically, the snow plows had doubled the depth of the snow. It does provide the hip flexors with great workout.

I got into trouble once. I stepped into slushy snow pile which soaked my right foot. But the good news was I was on my way home when it happened.

Otherwise, I was able to stay up right for the entire run.

There were a few strange looks from several people. I guess they were having trouble standing up and thus wondered how I could be out running.

You know - I was wondering the same thing.

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