Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why we do certain tasks before others

This morning the sun had yet risen over the horizon, and I was already miles into my run. The thought crossed my mind about why I was out so early.

Never my mind the fact I have been running in the evening when the temperature has been pushing 90, and my brain is wasted from 10 hours at work as a reason. Getting in a morning run with 68 degrees weather was awesome. There is no other word to describe it.

No, I was out this morning for an entirely different reason.

Let’s go back a few years into the past.

The day started out promising. Work would the first order of business. Follow this up with a nice evening run and then finish the day off with a long massage.

Then, one of those days hits. You know the ones. Nothing goes right.

Work goes longer than expected. The massage times didn’t work with my schedule, and my run, well, my run had to be done no matter what.

Juggling what life throws at me is never easy.

Having worked longer, I suddenly found myself expecting to run after my massage rather than before it.

The more I thought about it the more it sounded like a bad idea. I could have changed the massage time and day but once someone starts talking about a nice juice steak, you just have to have one.

In this case, getting a massage was a must do.

An hour massage went by faster than I expected, and  I was changing into my running cloths and headed out the door.

From my very first step, the concrete sidewalk felt like loose sand to my legs. Lethargic doesn’t begin to describe how I felt.  Lifting my legs for each stride was a struggle.

Another hour later my run was finally done but I wasn’t better for it.

Walking back into the Y, I vowed to myself. I would never do a workout after any time of treatment. To this day I never have.

Long story short, later today I have a physical therapy session. Experience while a tough teacher is a good one. I learned my lesson and don't want to repeat it.

Always run first
The Cool Down Runner.



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