Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sundae Run Race Recap

How often do you get to do a Sundae run on Saturday? Well, once per year it happens in Charlotte, NC.


Let me explain.

The guys supporting Carmel Middle School organize a Sundae Run 5k race. However, the Sundae is not in reference to Sunday which is the last day in the week. Rather they are talking about an ice cream sundae. Every racer gets ice cream bowl which if they like; they can fill with ice cream and all the topping upon finishing the race. Sounds perfect doesn’t it.

Ok, moving on to the race. Sorry, this week I am skipping over the warm up and prerace stuff. It’s all really boring and pretty much the same as I do ever race. No point in repeating here.

I meander my way through the crowd at the starting line, and who do I see already standing there but Donny. Oh, crap. Donny is here. This race just got a whole lot harder for me. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Donny was thinking the same thing. Oh, crap. Bill is here. Don’t know but just wondering.

They give us some prerace instructions most of which I don’t remember. I have already run over the course so there is no chance of me getting lost today. More importantly, my brain was working overtime to come up with a winning strategy for beating Donny.

We do nearly a lap on the track, and I settle in behind Donny.

Like I said, I run the course beforehand so I know that the first mile or so is pretty fast. The second half of the race is tough with lots of steep hills to climb.

Throw in another fact, my left hamstring hates the hills right now. I make my move early. I need a gap if I am going to have any chance against him.

We fly toward the first mile which I hit in 5:27, but I can feel him breathing right down my neck. Looking back isn’t an option because I don’t want to let him know that I am worried.  Passing the H20 stop at mile and half, someone calls out encouragement to him which was good him but not for me. Don't get me wrong. They need to call out encouragement but I need to hear them calling it out with a 15 or 20 second gap. This way I know how big my lead could be.  In this case, I hear it as I am passing the water stop.

We hit the hill section and it is as if someone puts up a brick wall. I got nothing. There is no strength in my left hamstring so I cannot drive off it. Donny roars by me with a pace that I have no hope of matching. I notice that he isn’t holding the tangent while I am. Can I close the distance? No, it isn’t enough. By the time, we get to the flat sections the damage is done. There is just too much for me to make up now.

I see him do a couple of those half sideways looks to see how far I am back. Rest assured my friend, you have bested me today.

They announce the winner is crossing the finish line just as I hit the track. Doing my own half sideways looks I want to know if I have a gap. I do.

Now, I focus on getting to the finish.

I’ll take a 17:54 given how my training has been going. This placed me 3rd Overall. Solid race, great competition, and ice cream, okay, I guess having 2 out of 3 isn't that bad.

I always enjoy going up against Donny. He like Steve always gives their best. We have had some terrific battles in the past, and I am sure many more in the future.


Post race Sundae thoughts

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