Sunday, August 16, 2015

Every day is a test

Headed out for my weekly long run yesterday i.e. 16 miles. Didn’t really know what it might be like, but was hoping for something decent.

Par for the course these days, I could feel my hamstring whining like crazy through about 7 miles. Then, it pretty much gives up or gives in to the fact that I am not about to quit so the quad has to do more work. Of course, then my quad starts complaining.

I thought about stopping for a second. Stopping to shake it out always helps ease the spasming of my quad. Afterward I can do another mile or two before it goes back to spasming again.  Instead, I backed the pace off about 15 seconds. It took another mile, but the pain did ease up. I continued at this pace for another mile before picking it up again.

I could feel the spasming lying under the suface but to a somewhat lesser degree.  Another factor was creeping intot the picture was endurance. My long runs this summer have been nonexistent so once I push past 10 miles, it gets rough. The Charleston Distance run looms on the horizon so I did my best to stick it out. I needed the long run even if it did hurt. There are times when my brain wants to hold too much in reserve and doesn't want to release this reserve until the last couple of mile.

Given my current state of running, I was pretty happy with my effort. I finished in 1 hour and 58 miles for 16 miles. This was my longest run since July. I have been on fense about Charleston Distance run plans. There were even thoughts if I could run 15 miles. There are still 3 weeks and a lot of improvement can be made. I will not set the world on fire during the race but if all goes well, I will finish it.   

Besides, returning to my running roots always has me feeling nostalgic. I cannot explain it, but running the same roads that I ran in my youth brings back the memories as if they were yesterday.


Run, run, run, and run some more


The Cool Down Runner



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