Friday, August 14, 2015

Pulse Therapy

Four days after my Radical Ropes adventure, the moaning has ceased being necessary when raising my arm above my head. I cannot begin to tell you how sore my lats, delts, and shoulder blades felt. Heck, even my core stomach muscles felt like I went 10 rounds with a boxer.

Fortunately, time does heal all wounds. Some heal much faster than other.

Speaking of other injuries, my wicked old hamstring healing continues taking baby steps these days. Hoping to help the pace along, I headed back to my doctor.

With any injury, scar tissue develops around and over the injured area. Scar tissue is much less pliable than my normal muscle tissue so this limits my range of motion in my left leg to about 45 degrees. This is compared to 70 degrees in my right leg.  Ok, stop laughing. I am runner. Being flexible isn’t exactly at the top of my list.

My doctor asked if I was willing to try their sonic pulse therapy. With this therapy, they had good results with athletes suffering from chronic injuries – like for example a hamstring injury.

Why not? I like to run. I like it a lot less when I feel like I am running on one leg.

Yesterday, I had my first treatment so the jury is still out if it works. He told me it would take a few days to feel the effects, and I might be a little sore in the hamstring today. Ironically, having a sore hamstring is relative to your perspective.  When your hamstring is already sore, having it a little more or a less don’t really change much.

The flame of my fall marathon hopes continues to flicker barely but who really knows. Since I have already registered for it, I will likely continue training as best that I can and make a game time decision. If the training doesn’t go well, I will opt for the ½ marathon and enjoy a week without having any marathon soreness.

Good luck with your running. Greekfest is coming up in 2 weeks. The morning temps have dropped in the 60s so after suffering through 90+ for most of the summer, running is awesome right now.  Everyone should have a great opportunity to score a fast time.


See you on a run,

The Cool Down Runner




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