Saturday, May 2, 2015

No pain, lots of gains

The old adage “No pain, no gain” doesn’t really take injuries into account. I suspect; any previously injured runner will tell you that no pain is really a huge gain in their mind. A gain they will gladly accept at any point.

My hamstring recovery continues to move along very well. To prove it to myself, I decided to test it with an 8 mile run on Thursday. There was no pain during the run. The soreness continues to hang around post run. A few times along the way, I did have to slow down but otherwise, I finally got to enjoy some of this fine spring running weather.

There is still some work to do because my hamstring fatiqued pretty badly during the later miles of this run and the soreness makes setting normally after about 5 minutes impossible.

5 weeks ago I was expecting it to be months before I felt near normal running. Now, I hope by June to be back running some normal mileage again.  

Things are looking better,

The Cool Down Runner    

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