Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Charlotte Runner Summer WK1 2015

Charlotte Summer track scene kicked off in fine fashion yesterday evening at Myers Park High School. The 50 meter runners sprinted down the track starting around 6:15 PM. Followed by the mile at 6:45 and the 4 x 100, then the 400, 800, 200, and the evening finished off with the 3200.

As has become the norm, the first week just follows Memorial Day so the turnout is rather low. While it is disappointing, I do understand it. Usually, the turnout improves during weeks 2 thru 4.

Watching everyone give their best only made me want even more to be out there running. But I am sticking with my plan and not participating this year. Running well this fall is a lot more important to me than attempting a fast mile this summer. The risk of pulling my hamstring is just too high.

Therefore, I spent my time watching and helping out Tim, Tom, and Steve wherever they needed it. Actually, it felt kind of good. Supporting other runners can be just as rewarding as winning an award.

On a similar note, Meredith brought out the entire Running Works clan last night. They did really well in the mile race and then in the 4 x 100 relay race. I am a big admirer of Meredith. She is 100% committed and it shows with everything that she does. I don’t know how she does it all, but if I could ever learn her secret to success, I would buy it in a New York Minute.

Summer track runs for 4 more weeks and you don't have to preregister. You can just show up on Tuesday evenings. They will gladly accept cash. For $8 bucks you can run all of the events that you want.
Staying the course,
The Cool Down Runner



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