Monday, May 18, 2015

CRC's Let Me Run Water Stop

Saturday afternoon, the Let Me Run crew held their annual 5k beside Blythe Elementary school near Huntersville, NC. I joined Mike, Eric, Steve, Brent, and few others to work our water stop just before 1 mile and just after 2 miles.

Giving back to running is always nice because running has given me a lot. Giving back to running through events like what Let Me Run does is extra special. These young men are the next generation of runners. Sometimes, it is just that small amount of encouragement at the just the right time in their lives that makes all of the difference.

They flowed in to our water stop as if we were an oasis in the desert. At one point, Eric and I just stood next to the table while handing out cup and cup of water fast as possible.

Our Charlotte Running Club is a huge supporter of Let Me Run, and there is a strong likely hood that we will be back next year to help out in some capacity. We would love the help so please get involved.


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