Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturday long run

My taper is in full swing as I ready myself for yet another marathon attempt. Like so many runners, my tapers are both nice and hard at the same time.

As both the intensity and duration of my workouts lesson my muscles tend to recovery faster. The spring in my step that I frequently miss on my runs starts to return.

The downside to my taper I over analyze every little thing. My quads suddenly feel a twinge. I wonder if something major is wrong. One day I feel a little extra tired. Is my recovery not going right? Or am I not eating enough.

Case in point, this Saturday I went for my long run. For no particular reason, I just did not feel right.  My body just seemed more sluggish than normal. I wondered if I needed some extra calories or I had I not slept well the night beforehand.

Really, what didn’t make sense were my splits. The more I tried to ease back and slow down; the better I felt. This just correlated in running even faster.  

There are just times where I press to hard during my workouts. Forcing something never ends well. The workout goes into a death spiral and things just get worse and worse.  The days where I say “oh well” and just roll with it, I find turn out much better in the long run.
Want to run fast? Stop worrying and just relax. Your body will take where you want to go.

Just a thought that I am passing on


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