Friday, March 27, 2015

Lingering Hip Soreness

After my internval workout on Tuesday morning, I headed home. Usually, I get a few minutes to do some stretching afterwards, but on Tuesday work was a bit overwhelming. I spent the better part of a day setting in my chair. I really didn't get to stretch at all during the day and by evening, I noticed a lot more soreness.

This soreness wraps around the hip socket. It just the kind of dull ache that wears on you mentally. I thought it might slowly go away but it has persisted over the last three days.

Normally, I would just take it easy for a few more days and let healing process take place.

This weekend, however, I have plans to run a marathon. My goal was to break the 50-54 USATF-NC State record.

Now, I am not so sure.

A few years ago, I ran OBX with a bad hamstring and finished in 2:57. What a miserable day that was.

I have put so much effort into it. I just don't want to bail on this race at this point.  I know it is probably wishful thinking that I can still run all 26.2 miles tomorrow.

The only way that I will ever know is by stepping to the starting line tomorrow morning.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

The Cool Down Runner

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