Sunday, August 10, 2014

SLR Events

A couple of years ago, I started hearing about these Sunday group runs called SLR. After a little internet researching I learned more about these events. The more I read the more I wanted to try one. Over time, I have grown to enjoy these 2 to 3 time year runs on the McMullen Greenway.

Phyllis and Rob are the organizers behind these free events, and there is usually anywhere from 30 to 100 runners attending them.

They have always run a half marathon for the ones that I attended and open to anyone that wants to run it. Everyone brings a dish or desert to the event because what runner doesn’t want to eat after running 13+ miles.
It is a low key event but they are usually timed and have run shirts. Peter from the Vac & Dash store makes the journey over from Albemarle to provide the timing and sell the shirts.  I got a sleeveless and a regular t-shirt today.

Phyllis’ handy work shows up well with a well mapped out course and plenty of volunteers handing out water along the course.
When checking out the run, make sure to meet Phyllis. For without her hard work, we would not have such runs so make sur to thank her for her efforts.

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