Thursday, August 28, 2014

Major respect to running mothers

There are many reasons why I love running but there is one in particular. Running allows me to see things in the world that most people never see or realize because they go flying by it at 55 mph.

This morning during my run I passed by this mother pushing her baby jogger up a hill. Now, normally, this would not draw my attention. I have seen numerous women pushing baby joggers. There have even been a few evening pushing them up a hill.

No, what made me take notice initially was that she was running. In fact, she was booking it pretty good up the hill. The baby jogger didn’t seem to be slowing her down one bit.

For this alone, I had to give her some respect points. I have never pushed a baby jogger uphill while running but I cannot imagine it being easy.   

So I continue on my loop through this neighborhood and come back to this same hill on my out. To my surprise, she is heading up this same hill again.

Wait, am I seeing this correctly? Yes, she appears to be doing hill repeats while pushing her baby jogger.

Now, this is truly a hardcore mother who is not letting anything stand in her way.

She had my respect before but now, my respect level just pushed to a perfect 10.  

To the mothers of the world, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. This morning I saw living proof it.


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