Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hoarding from the post race food bins

Reading some of the articles about runners taking away huge bags of food from races frankly doesn’t surprise me.

On more than one occasion, I have seen runners carrying away extra donuts, drinks, and bagels post race.  

Up and until reading some of these recent articles, I never thought too much about it.

Personally, I rarely eat anything from the post race food tables. Aside from the bananas, bagels or sports drinks, any remaining food is what I consider junk food and therefore, would never eat it.

I prefer to have my own food available in my car or in my drop bag.

This makes it hard for me to explain why people take so much food.

Just the thought of finishing a race and being hungry, this leaves me feeling for the runners that finish later in the event. They have been out there for a long time and worked just as hard. They are probably more deserving of food and drinks than the faster runners.

Runners really need think about their fellow runners. Take what you really need and not more than you need.


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The Cool Down Runner

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