Thursday, July 17, 2014

Don’t fear making mistakes.

Some posts I know exactly what I want to say and I know how I want to say it. Then, there are times like today where I have this thought that I just cannot quite wrap my head around and put in to words.

Making the effort is what it is all about.

The thought has crossed my mind many times about why people tend to take the safer less risky path. The world tends to frown upon us when we make mistakes and fail at a given task. We are called out in front of our coworkers, our friends, or our family. Our failings are displayed for the entire world to see. Sometimes, this is even to the point of embarrassment. No one likes to be put in these situations because they just emotionally feel so uncomfortable. Taking the safer less risky path minimizes our exposure to adversity.

Most people know that I run. Others might know that I work with computers all day long. What people might not know is that I am an avid reader. I read extensively about developing healthy habits, about building and maintain relationships, and about leadership.

All of these books are great because they help provide me with a context beyond my own personal circle of knowledge. To be able to know that someone else has experienced a similar situation and how they handled it gives me guidance for what I should do.

I am no different from anyone else. I make mistakes and plenty of them. Where I am trying to grow is in how I deal with these situations when mistakes happen. There is an old saying “Treat others as you want to be treated”. When a mistake gets made people should look less at the person making the mistake and more at the reason why the mistake happened. Charging after the person making the mistake is the easy solution. Spending the additional time and energy to solve true origin of the mistake often gets lost in the ensuing chaos.  

Over the past couple of years, I joined the Charlotte Running Club board, became President of the club, and helped organize and directed club events. Along the way I have made numerous mistakes and have learned plenty from them. In fact, I view it like on the job training. Albeit, it is my nonpaying job.  Along the way, I have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded with numerous friends that have helped me make it all happen.  Plus, they helped me grow in ways that I never imaged.

To say it bluntly, the fear of making a mistake and failing often keeps us from doing something really awesome. By giving into this fear we are holding ourselves back. By fearing the commitment needed and repercussion if something goes wrong we never reach our full potential. In my opinion, good leaders understand this better than most people. They don’t charge ahead blindly but they do charge ahead. They understand better than most that the fear of making a mistake and failing shouldn’t be something that holds one back.

Fear is something that should be overcome.


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