Monday, July 21, 2014

First Marathon training week

Was last week a strange week around Charlotte or what? Either it was 90 degrees and over the top humidity or the rain was falling. Either way, I always seemed to be coming home soaked.

Last week also saw me ramping up my training for the Lehigh Marathon. Tuesday morning there was 8 mile tempo run. This was followed by my first 20 miler on Saturday morning. I hadn’t run a 20 miler since January. Believe when I say that I felt those last 4 miles.

In addition, my mileage surged back into the upper 70s. Yes, I know first rule of them for runners “Don’t increase mileage and intensity at the same time”. The most common result is an injury. So far, I have been lucky.

I still feel like I am getting back from my vacation. Even thou, it was more than two weeks ago. I had a nice mojo going while I was running those track events. Now, I find that I am struggling a bit. I guess it is to be expected. It is also probably a good thing that I am not running my absolute hardest at this point. Give me another 4 to 5 weeks I should be back on solid footing and ready to roll right into the Lehigh Marathon – keeping fingers crossed.


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