Thursday, September 20, 2012

Honey Waffle Stinger

Last week, I was out and picked up some Waffle Stingers. They have become my crutch as of late. They are easy to carry and easily to digest as long as I take them a couple of hours before my run. And on the back side, they give my brain some extra energy so I don't feel so sluggish during my workouts.

Usually, I am Strawberry Waffle Stinger guy, but this past week, I decided to step out and try something new. I bought a couple of the Honey flavored Waffle Stingers. Yeah, I know, this really shows how much I am willing to step out. In this case, this was just a small step.

Trying to be as fair as possible, I tried the Honey Waffle Stinger over the weekend before a long run. To come totally clean, I am not real sure what "Honey" should taste like. After all, most of the honey that I have tasted – just taste sweet. There is no real flavor to it. Or it could be that my palate just isn't sensitive enough to make the distinction.

Nothing about the taste left me wanting to abandon my Strawberry Waffle Stingers. I guess for now; I will stick with the tried and true.

But don't get me wrong here, the Honey Waffle Stinger did its job just like the Strawberry Waffle Stinger, but sometimes it just comes down to taste and preference. For now, I am staying with the Strawberry flavored brand.


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