Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hill Repeat x 8 no 6, you get the idea

Megan dropped me a txt about running hill repeats this morning. I don't know which I dreaded more running some more hills or running in the rain. After all, the weather man said there was 100% chance of rain this morning and I had run plenty of hills this past weekend.

During the drive over the rain was coming down pretty hard. Thus, I wasn't exactly bursting with enthusiasm to go running. But the skies parted when I pulled into Megan's driveway.

The rain ceased.

Well, at least things were looking up.

The last 2 weeks, I have been pounding the roads pretty hard: 95 miles the first week and 94 miles last week. Those weeks were bookended with a 15 mile and a 13 mile race. Throw in some hefty hill work and my quads are starting to cry "uncle".

Going into this workout, I had visions of doing 8 x 2 minute hill repeats, but by the time I reached 4 repeats; I knew I was done. I was running up the hill but without any intensity. Rather than just keep pushing, I opted for breaking off the workout and going with just 6 x 2 minutes. Better to realize, this wasn't from a lack of training, but from training too much. More rest is what's needed now. Give my legs a chance to bounce back.

I am sure my legs will thank me later, but right now, they are just sore and tired.

Maybe, I shouldn't tell them that I am running a 5k race this weekend. Let's just keep that our little secret for now.


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