Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nathan’s Quickshot Plus

After spending half the summer sweating out more water than I felt like I was taking in and spending the other half looking for any available water fountains during my runs, I felt like it was time to do something about it.

This past weekend, I picked up Nathan's Quickshot Plus Handheld Hydration Bottle. Carrying something in my hands isn't something that I like to do. I like my hands free. I have always been this way.

But with the Sun bearing down it was time to make a change.

Thus, let's pick up one of these hand held bottle and give it a try.

These bottles hold about 10 oz. of water. The strap allows for it to be worn comfortably on either hand. There is an extra storage pocket for a Gu or key or cash. There is also a pocket for your road id if you have one.

I am right handed so obviously I put the bottle in my right hand by default. By the mile mark, I am already feeling it in my bicep. At two miles I opt for changing hands. Better I try to fatigue my both biceps equally.

When the Sun is beating down, the sips of water do hit the spot and make the runs more bearable.

I will usually fill the bottle with cold water and then stick into the refrigerator to stay cool before the run. This probably keeps the water cooler just a little longer – maybe through 2 to 3 miles. Then, pretty much the water is room temperature.

Typically, I will sip water every 2 miles as well as switching hands holding the bottle. After a few runs now, my biceps seem to be adjusting to the additional water. I still find it a bit awkward while starting my runs but the feeling goes away in a few minutes.

For training runs I have been making it a habit to take it but I am not sure about racing. I tend to fall back to wanting my hands empty.

One other thing, I noticed initially I wanted to grip the bottle. Something in my brain kept telling my hands that it was going to fall out. But the urge to grip is slowly abating so I now just try to hold the bottle loosely.

Stay hydrated is the key to successful running so do what you must. I am.


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