Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can I get a Coke with my Big Mac?

Some weeks I have a list of blog topics and other weeks, topics just seem to fall from the sky. This is just what happened this week. I am feeling the urge to post on my blog and cannot seem to put a finger on a topic. Then, in the background from my TV I hear a CNN reporter talking about people trying to get Coke-a-cola and McDonalds banned from sponsoring future Olympic Games. Suddenly, like I said, the topic just falls from the sky.

From what I can gather from the report Coke and McDonalds have put billions into sponsoring the Olympics. However, this group wants to ban Coke and McDonalds from sponsoring the Olympics because they feel that having these brands so visible on a world stage will contribute to the obesity issue plaguing adults and taking hold of our children.

I guess their argument has some merit. After all McDonalds appears to be the only establishment providing food in the Olympic village so I will "Supersize it" after a long day of walking around and watching active people participates on the biggest sporting stage possible. And why not, those Big Macs taste so good and there is nothing like washing it down with some ice cold Coke.

Wait, this is the exact reason these people want to ban Coke and McDonalds. What am I thinking?

This is the point where I say that I am not on board with their effort.

Yes, there are some food choices at McDonalds that are less than desirable – healthwise. But to McDonalds' credit there are some good choices including water/fruit juices, salads, and apples etc.

Really, how I see it is – what people eat comes down to the choices they make. We don't ban Ford because the cars they make can end up killing the driver if he makes a poor choice. Some people are going to make poor choices regardless of what they know.

Each of us must bear of the responsibility and ownership over our bodies and stop hold others responsible for eating foods that we know we shouldn't be eating.


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