Thursday, October 11, 2018

Michael passed by Charlotte like a speeding train.

Morning and evening today weatherwise were as different as night and day. I went for my run this morning. The rain was coming down so hard, and the wind depending on the direction that I was running was either forcing me to run leaning forward at a 45 degree angle, or it shoving me down the road. It felt like a huge hand was pushing me along. The last time that I felt that strong of a wind was during the Run the Red Marathon. Now, that was a rough day.

This evening I stepped outside to run a few errands, and I am greeted with nearly clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Unlike Florence, Michael wasn’t wasting any time. It dump water on Charlotte, and it moved up the coast.

But it did get me thinking about the WWC trails. Hopefully, they will have cleared the trees if any fell across the trail, but seeing as the trails will still be wet tomorrow, I don’t see them opening them for the Mt. Bikers. This likely means we will be picking our way through slippery trails covered in leaves and limbs. Of course, the first lap has to be in the predawn hours. Making this night time adventure even more interesting.

Yet, it will be the same for all of us. The question is which of us will handle it the best. Personally, I value my neck in tacked so I will likely be even slower than expected. Remember, my goal is to finish and get that belt buckle. Hummm, Is that two goals or one goal? I am not sure.  

The Cool Down Runner

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