Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wrapped up another year of Summer Track at Myers Park

The tradition of June Summer Track meets at Myers Park High School goes back; I don't know how many years. I have been attending them since the mid-90 first as a participate and now as volunteer.

I still feel the draw of the track during every meet. I love the feeling of heading off the 2nd turn and feeling the track turn what feels like downhill.

But I have gotten older and hopefully a little wiser. But mostly, it is event like this that I don't want to see disappear.

When the Charlotte Track Club folded, Tom and Tim stepped in to continue this tradition. They kept a part of Charlotte Running scene alive and well since that date. When Steve made his move to Florida a few years ago, I offered up my volunteer help.

Tim and Tom do a great job but that doesn't mean an extra hand is needed. Putting on a track meet is 3 hours of work for those organizing it. As participate, I never really consider what it takes to organize a track meet. The events were announced, and I ran. This is all that I knew.

From setup time at 5:30 to 8:30, every one is moving non-stop. Runners need to be signed in. Water table and coolers need to be setup. Timing equipment needs to be setup.

This is all before any of the events go off.

Then, there is recording the runners and their times which have upload to the internet by the following morning. And, I am just hitting the high spots. 

Lastly, as everyone else is making their way to their cars while discussing their times that they ran and what they will do next week, those organizing it are breaking down all of the equipment to store it way until the next event.

So the next time, you see either Tim or Tom, please tell them “Thank you” for keeping a Charlotte Running tradition alive.

The Cool Down Runner

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