Sunday, July 22, 2018

Downtime Time

Finally got away from work and slowed down my running for a few days this summer. I needed it. Seems like I have been busier than ever on all fronts this year.

But there is nothing like napping under a beach umbrella and listening to the waves wash up on the shoreline. Just thinking about it now, the sights and sounds of the waves washing in and out still linger. To me this is as relaxing as it gets.

Of course, I still found time for running.

One morning, I was cruising down the beach. A light breeze blew across my face and no hills were in sight. This is a runner's dream. Right? Well, except even with the sun barely above the horizon, the temperature was pushing the upper 80s and nearly 100% humidity. May be 10 minutes into this run, I was soaked from sweat.

What else should I expect. This is the south. Heat and humidity are bad and worse in Florida.

Now, it is time to get back to work on all fronts. There is much to do and preparation for my big races this fall begins now.

I cannot wait to get started tomorrow.

The Cool Down Runner

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