Friday, July 13, 2018

River Jam 10k – July Edition

Wondering where I should start this post to night. Ever since last night I have been turning over the events of the race in my the back of mind. Several different points are worth mentioning. However, with no obvious place to start, I will just jump in with the worse and get it behind me.

I never heard the story of what happened but for some reason there were no results posted for the 10k. At least there were none posted after the race, and nothing has come up on White Water Center website today. Usually, by the next day they have the race results and the series results posted.

Whatever happened, they were giving out awards but not for every age group. Most notably, my age apparently didn't have any finishers me included. I pretty sure I finished. I had the sweat dripping from body, and my shorts were soaked completely through. Not to mention, the layer trail dust that turned to mud on my legs from sweat. Of course, if push comes to shove, I do have the documentation from my Garmin. Thank goodness for it. I have my finish time and a map of my race recorded for anyone that wants to see.

I talked to the timer after the race and followed up with an email giving him my bib # and time. I am sure he will get it figured out. What choice does he have. I suspect numerous other runners like myself want their credit for completing the 10k. We earned it yesterday. He will get it right even if it takes him a while.

With worse part out of the way, what is next.

Well, the story of this race was the heat and humidity. The temperature was hoovering between 95 and 100 degrees with a heat index over 100. The humidity was 100% as well. Making the heat worse was the lack of a breeze. Just standing still, my body was pouring out sweat.

From the gun, my legs didn't want to move. They felt heavy and lethargic. As I entered the woods, a stream of runners in front of me lead the way. I attempted to “will” my legs forward and faster, but they were having none of it. I could see Andrew and Mark just ahead of me, but my legs were refusing to go any faster. Heat just seem to radiate both outward and inward.

At the top of the hill, I popped out of the woods to once again see Mark gulping down water. This time, however, when he finished, he came sprinting by me. He soon caught up to Andrew when we entered the Lake Loop.

With the stagnate air wrapping around my entire body, I wished so much that I was finished. Mark and Andrew were pulling further and further ahead. Little that my tired legs wanted to do about it.

When I finally came off the Lake Loop and headed toward the finish, I was coming around the channel. I noticed first a slight breeze. As I made the turn around the channel, the breeze turned to a wind. Also I noticed the clouds casting shade over the White Water Center.

Best of all, I noticed the temperature dropping. Oh, it was only for the last quarter mile, but boy did it feel good. All I could think was “Why couldn't you have arrived 50 minutes ago”.

Another runner told me that the July races are the worst. The heat and humidity get to everyone. They certainly got to me. I ran on fumes the entire race.

My 47:58 time was nearly 2 and ½ minutes off my May time.

I am already signed up for August and September races so I am going to take my beating and do those two races. Come next year, I may opt for the 5k races. I can go out a little harder, and I will be finished a whole lot sooner.

Normally, I stick around afterwards and listen to the bands for a while before heading home. Yesterday,the rain sent everyone scurrying for cover and me for my car cutting short a relaxing evening. 

See you at the River Jam 10k – August edition

The Cool Down Runner