Sunday, June 3, 2018

Chicago Lakefront Trail

This past week, I spent some time in Chicago. I stayed in the downtown area, so I had just a jaunt out to the Lakefront Trail – 5 blocks give or take.

On the first day, I headed south by the Planetarium and Soldier Field. Usually, I try to make these runs as quick as possible, but this week, I kicked things in to cruise mode. Sit back let my body just cover the miles and take in the sights. The Lakefront trail is pretty much a combination of asphalt and concrete. Although, in some of the lower sections, they have dirt berm running a long the trail which is nice alternative to the harder surfaces.

The view was a cloudy which prevented me from seeing a cool sun rise. However, on the return trip, I had a spectacular view of the Lake Michigan to my right and scenic view of Chicago skyline to my left.

The next morning, the skies were clear, and the view of the run rising over Lake Michigan was awesome. This day, I explored north on the Lakefront trail, and then ventured in to the city along the River walk.

Not that I was surprised that there were people out running and cycling, but I was surprised at the number. I was never totally alone during my runs at 5:30 AM CST. In some sections, I was weaving among the other runners. I even had a few pass me.

Not sure how this trail would be during the winter, but in late May, it was nice place to stretch your legs before a long day at work. I ran 10 miles every day and would have done more if I could have.

If you have a trip to the windy city coming up, make sure to spend some time running along the lake. It is a great way to get some miles, and you will not have to worry about traffic. Most of it was well away from the traffic. I can only remember crossing roads twice during my 10 mile runs.

Enjoying some time in the Windy City.

The Cool Down Runner

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