Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Metric Intervals

Another Tuesday has come to pass, and speed work was the order of day at 5:15 this morning. If I were truly being honest with myself, I wasn’t looking forward to it. After my race on Saturday, I felt like my legs were down for the count. Never should I expect them to rise again.

Toss in a warm, muggy morning where sweat ran off my body rather than dripped off. What can I say, I am glutton for punishment.

While Megan and Mary Kate headed off some morning miles, Paul, Aaron, Steve, and Billy went for 4 x 1 mile. Meg decided to join me for some metric magic this morning: 3000, 1500, 800, 400, 200, and 100 backwards.

For the 3000, I went through the mile in 5:47 finished just over 11 minutes for the entire 3000. After an 800 recovery, we were off on the 1500 which I covered in 5:17. After a 400 recovery, off we went again on the 800. This one we covered in 2:45. Steve joined Meg and me for the 400 in 75 seconds. Big shout out to Steve for dropping the hammer and inviting us to chase him. We, then, finished it off with 200 in 36 seconds.

On the docket was my backwards 100 which was more for a strength exercise than an interval. I picked this up from another excellent runner and started using it. The quads get some ecentric work while the hamstring got some much needed love.
Meg, appreciate your assistance today.  

The Cool Down Runner




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