Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kick starting speedwork

Kick starting my speedwork this season is getting so much harder. I go out and attempt to do an interval workout, but I feel like I am stuck mud. My legs seem turnover as fast as ever but when I look at the clock, they are clearly not moving anywhere near as fast as I want or need them.

Over the past 3 weeks, my workouts have been 5 x 1 mile, 10 x 800, and 20 x 400. This is a little longer than my normal marathon workouts and as such each was an okay workout. From past experience, I am normally a slow starter so typically, my first two to three weeks cranking up interval is always tough. This time around, however, the mountain feels so much steeper.

Roughly five and half weeks separate me from my next marathon. Time to agonize over which workout will give me the best chance of running faster on race day. I wish I could set here and say that I have a definitive list but life over 50 is an everyday experiment.

What works yesterday, last week, or last year, might not work tomorrow.


The Cool Down Runner

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