Monday, February 22, 2016

CRC Weekend Board Meeting

This past weekend our Charlotte Running Club board met on Saturday and Sunday to discuss and plan our club’s activities for ‘16.  Is a meeting like this really necessary? The short answer is “Yes”. I cannot express strongly enough how important this is for a couple of reasons.

Our club is quite active in the Charlotte Running Community, and being active means more than just showing up. Anything worth doing needs to be done well. This requires weeks if not months of planning to bring ideas to fruition.

I don’t want to get in to the details of our meeting. Mike plans to share these details in our upcoming our March newsletter. Definitely, I don't want to steal his thunder. What I can say is – we are talking about bringing back some activities that we did in previous years, as well as attempting some different things.  Hopefully, our members once they hear the details will be chomping at the bit to get involved.  

But, beyond the planning of club activities these meetings offer our board members the opportunity to spend significant time together. In some respects these extend meetings become team building exercise. It allows us to get to know each other beyond the normal running and meeting circles. It’s this type of personal interaction that really improves our ability to work together.

As hard as it is to believe success often depends more on the people and their relationships with each other than anything else. I know it certainly help me to get to know some of our newer board members a lot better.

The Cool Down Runner

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