Monday, February 22, 2016

Charlotte 10 Miler

During every marathon build-up there needs to be a good tune up race several weeks out to help test a runner’s resolve, and to further callus the mind for the upcoming effort. One couldn’t pick a better race then our very own Charlotte 10 miler which is organized by S2F and Charlotte Running Company.

While there are some challenging sections, there also sections where the running is absolutely a blast.

Pretty much, this explains why I signed up.

From the gun, we headed off down Johnston Rd. Alice and Patrick powered by me, and I was impressed by the move because they looked like they came to run. The pace they were setting was solid so tucking sounded like a pretty good plan.

Joey joined us a little later so we had a nice little group for most of the race. We hit the green way for a bit. Then, we turned off for a section on Carmel Rd. Then, it was back the greenway for another 3 miles. We passed 5 miles at in 31:05. My body wasn’t feeling the greatest but it didn’t feel bad either.  

Between 5 and 8 miles, the pace picked up but our little group stayed tightly together. At 8 miles, Joey made the first effort to break up our group, and I followed along.  

Joey and I reached the “hill” in mile nine together but it dealt me more of a blow than it did him. He surged out to a 25 yard lead on me.

The more we climbed; the less that I felt like I was going to reel him back in.

Passing the 9 mile mark, my quads were cooked. Then, we made a 90 degree right turn for the nearly a mile run to the finish.

Lots of people say this last mile is downhill. Okay, yes, it is a bit downhill, but not enough that you can just let it go and roll down it. No, it just enough downhill to lull you in a fall sense of security. You still have to force those tired and lactic acid loaded legs to turn over.

Making right on Community House Rd, Alice and Patrick were right behind me. I could feel it. Donny, who had rode his bike along the course, came by to tell me that they were closing. Urging the last ounce of speed from my legs, I spurred them toward the finish line. Mere seconds separated us at the finish.

My time of 61:34 was minutes faster than I expected as was my 10th overall placement. Topping off my effort was winning my 50-54 age group.

All in all, this turned out to be a pretty decent run for me.  

Really appreciate having Joey, Alice, and Patrick along. Rather than feeling the painful side effects of racing, the comradery our group help carry me a long. Also, I have to give Patrick a big shout out for the music. Throughout the entire race he had some sort of device that played music loud enough that we could all hear it. It was actually pretty cool to hear.

Big thanks to the race organizers and everyone else that made this race go off with so much success.


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