Friday, September 11, 2015

Rain drops are falling

Heading out for my run yesterday, the sun was bearing down hard for a September evening. Within the 10 minutes sweat dripped from every inch of my body. There is nothing like a hot and humid fall day.

Roughly 6 miles in to my run, dark clouds rose over the horizon and thunder rumbled in the distance. The wind picked up, and the temperature dropped easily 10 to 15 degrees. Having been a while since the rain has interrupted one of my runs, my expectations were abound to what might be coming.

By 8 miles, the sprinkles rained down. Minutes later, the skies opened up. Gosh, it felt so good. Yes, my shoes were soaked. My shorts were equally soaked but my struggle against the heat and humidity had been broken.

Moments like this are what make running outside so special. Feeling the elements on your face only serve to make you feel alive to enjoy this world that we live.
After thoughts from a rainy evening run,
The Cool Down Runner




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