Sunday, September 27, 2015

Races 13.1 – Charlotte

Races 13.1 brought their traveling road show to south Charlotte this morning. Setting the weather aside for a moment, their race production was flawless. Every turn was marked. Numerous water stops with both water and Gatorade along the course. For the most part, the course was decent. Much of it was run on the McMullen Greenway. The most treacherous sections were the wet board-walk sections on the greenway.  Mother Nature continued her role in the race by keeping a steady drizzle coming down on the runners for the entire race. Race organizers did their part warning us up front that the boardwalks were slick. Runners needed to beware. With all the rain over the last few days in Charlotte, I was really surprised these sections were not covered in water. I have seen it flooded more than once.

My race was decent. I missed my goal time of 1:24 – finishing with a 1:26:08.

My race started off okay. The early and middle miles were decent. There was a nasty neighborhood hill about 5 miles which I struggled to the top. Fortunately, the downhill side was long enough that I could make-up the lost distance. I stayed close to my target until about 9 or 10 miles. Then, my legs just wouldn’t respond any more and my pace slipped to 6:35 miles.

Running local races is always awesome because they are a lot friendly faces. Along the course, Tom, Mo, Donny, and few others were shouting out encouragement.

I got a chance to race against Carolyn and Brian. Brian, who I have not seen in a couple years, was sporting a nice ginger beard. I thought he might close in me after the turn around because he looked so strong. Carolyn on the other was passed my somewhere between 8 and 10 miles. She looked very smooth and strong and was eating up those closing greenway miles.

Then, there were my Skecher buddies: Chris and Glenn. Chris coming off a ½ marathon last weekend in NY opted for the 8k and huge lead the last saw him. Glen was out knocking off a solid ½ marathon.

Our Charlotte Running Company Hoka made its present known. Bert had a solid lead at the turn around and when on to beat Matt by a couple of minutes in the 1/2. Big congrats to Bert for a great effort.

Oh, I guess I should get back to my race.

Miles 11 and 12 came and went at 6:35 pace but my legs gave up while climbing up Johnston Road and then Community House Rd.

All things given, my time and race were okay. I finished 10th overall and won my age group.  

I wish hamstring healed as fast as other muscles but they don’t. Well, they don’t if you don’t rest it. To some extent, I am as much a part of the problem as I am part of the solution.

Just need to stick with the plan.


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