Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Neither rain, nor cold, nor snow will stop my tempos runs

Ok, I am beginning to think Mother Nature has it out for me. Since ’14 started, I have been running my tempo runs on Tuesday. Every Tuesday, she has thrown something at me. She started with a Polar Vortex. Then, she moved to freezing rain and back to second round of the Polar Vortex. The last two weeks, she has thrown plenty of snow in my face.

Of course, I could be looking at this all wrong. Mothers tend to know things about us that we don’t realize ourselves. Maybe I have not been putting out my full effort. Clearly, I have changed some things about training for this cycle. Possibly, I need to be toughened up. This is Mother Nature's way of testing me. This is her way of making me prove myself.

Ok, Mom. How about some better weather on Tuesday? I promise to work harder next time.


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